Featured artists - about the music

When you support one of CharityMania's participating non-profit organizations, you get digital music downloads from CharityStudio. Your CharityMania ticket allows you to download songs from up-and-coming artists from all different genres of music. Not only do you support great organizations, you can expand your music collection and enjoy some new and different musicians!

Featured Artists

Featured Arists

The following is the current list of all the artists featured in the CharityStudio. Please note that the digital music selection available for download varies by fundraiser and price. See below for a detailed list of the songs included with your fundraiser or access code.

  • Andrew Leahey (Indie Folk Rock)
  • ANDROMEDA (Dance Pop)
  • Boomer McLennan (Country)
  • Christa Gniadek (Singer-songwriter)
  • Christine Harazim (Indie Folk/Rock)
  • Eden James (Alternative)
  • Elektrik People (Electro Pop)
  • Frontier Hustle (Folk Party)
  • John Tirado (Rock)
  • Jonah Gregory (Indie Rock)
  • Kari Kimmel (Pop)
  • Kyshona Armstrong (Soul R&B)
  • Kyven (Synth Pop)
  • Lachi (Pop/EDM)
  • Laura Leighe (Electro Pop)
  • Lexxica (Dance Electronic)
  • Nina Storey and Mark McKee (Electro Pop)
  • Red Empire (Rock)
  • Seven Saturdays (Ambient)
  • Tiffany Thompson (Singer-Songwriter)
  • Tim Yurkovitch (Acoustic/Country)
  • Vince Johnson (Country/Rock)

Songs included with your access code

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