Welcome to the CharityStudio!

How it works

When you support one of CharityMania's participating non-profit organizations financially, you get digital music downloads from the CharityStudio. Your CharityMania ticket allows you to download songs from up-and-coming artists from all different genres of music (see a list of all the songs included with your access code). There is nothing else you need to buy or do to download your digital content. Just enter the access code on your ticket and enjoy!

How do I get my digital music?

To access the CharityStudio and download your music, enter a valid CharityStudio "access code" (typically located in the top right corner of any CharityMania ticket which is attached above a sweepstakes game card). If you do not currently have an access code, please contact one of the many participating non-profit organizations who are using CharityMania to raise money or contribute to our sponsored charity, the Alzheimer's Association. When you contribute to a participating CharityMania organization, you can download music from the CharityStudio and receive a free CharityMania sweepstakes game card. There is nothing else you need to buy.

Buy an access code, support a great cause!

Thousands of non profit organizations across the U.S. sell access to the CharityStudio to raise money for their great causes. If you already have an access code, enter it above to download your music. If you do not have a code but would like access, you can purchase an access code directly from the CharityStudio and support our sponsored charity, the Alzheimer's Association.

5.3 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease, and it is fatal. Today it is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States. When you buy an access code to the CharityStudio for $10 or more, you get access to the great music in the CharityStudio (see a list of the specific songs you get), and you help support the Alzheimer's Association achieve their vision of "a world without Alzheimer's." Thank you!

Contribute and access the CharityStudio