About the CharityStudio

Our mission

Our mission is to help non-profit organization raise money by offering unique fundraisers that are highly profitable, fun to play and easy to manage. If you’re tired of selling cookie dough, gift wrap, or coupon cards, check out the unique fundraisers that CharityMania and CharityStudio have to offer.

Who we are

The CharityStudio is a wholly owned subsidiary of CharityMania LLC. We work closely with CharityMania to offer digital content (primarily music) that non-profit organizations can sell to raise money. When you support a participating non-profit organization by purchasing a CharityMania ticket with a CharityStudio access code, you get digital music downloads from the CharityStudio. Your CharityMania ticket allows you to download songs from up-and-coming artists from all different genres of music (see a list of all our featured musicians).

About CharityMania Fundraisers!

CharityMania is a family owned business that has been operating since 1994. Over our company's lifetime, we've helped over 10,000 non-profit organizations from across the country raise over $30,000,000! We created the CharityStudio to help non-profit organizations raise the money they need to do great things. Check out our fundraisers using the CharityStudio and our sweepstakes based on your favorite sports.