Featured artists - about the music

When you buy a CharityStudio access code and support one of CharityMania's participating non-profit organizations, you get digital music downloads from CharityStudio. Download songs from up-and-coming artists from around the country. We have artists from all different genres of music. Support great organizations and expand your music collection at the same time!

Featured Artists

Featured Arists

The following is the current list of artists featured in the CharityStudio. Please note that the digital music selection available for download varies by fundraiser and price. Not all artists and songs are featured with each access code. For a complete list of artists and songs for a specific fundraiser and price point, please email us at support@charitymania.com and we would be happy to email you the detailed list.

  • Angelou (Folk, Soul)
  • Animals on TV (Rock and Roll)
  • Benjamin PIcker (Pop)
  • Bronni (Indie Pop)
  • David Smalt (Indie, Dream Pop)
  • Derek Davis (Rock, Pop, Blues)
  • George Sarah (Indie, Electronic)
  • Hugh James (Americana)
  • Katelyn Richards (Singer/Songwriter)
  • Kelly Hafner (Soul)
  • Kettie Munroe (Alternative R&B Pop)
  • Matt Gold (Indie Pop)
  • Paper Citizen (Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop)
  • PJ Bruno (Indie Folk)
  • Planet Kniffen (Jazz)
  • Quinn Devlin (Soul/Americana)
  • Randy Boo (Pop Dance R&B)
  • Stevie Torres (Pop)
  • Supercoze (Indie Rock)
  • Zana Messia (Pop R&B)